Heirs of the Vibram Five Fingers – the ‘footwear glove’ that fits perfectly to the foot, Skinners is presented as a minimalist footwear halfway between the shoe and the sock.

Osteopaths and doctors recommend: walk barefoot, it is not as harmful as they count. But we humans are committed to go footwear and ignore many of the benefits of putting your feet on the ground – natural skin exhaling, rest, relaxation or relief among others.

For this reason, and because science and technology are always one step ahead, Kick starter, the platform that provides artists, musicians, filmmakers, designers and other creators with the resources and support necessary to bring their ideas to reality, has powered the Skinners project, pocket shoes designed for all kinds of adventures, travel and sports. The proposal already exceeds 1,500 sponsors and has raised more than 80,000 euros.

The Skinners can be rolled up and even stored in your sock shoes,Heirs of the Vi ram Five Fingers – the ‘footwear glove’ that fits perfectly to the foot, this minimalist product is also halfway between the shoe and the sock. “In order to be able to move faster and go further, the man has invented an endless number of special footwear: skates, football boots, climbing boots …. With all of them, the user is forced to sacrifice comfort, even security, “explained Skinner Technologies, the Chicago-based company of two friends who launched the project. “After two years of research, we have managed to create a shoe that is an advantage rather than a load,” they add.

Thanks to its double layer of anti – abrasive polymer, this Skinners, Sock Shoes to walk like barefoot protects from direct contact with the floor. In addition, without having the traditional sole, Skinners can be rolled up and stored in an easy and simple way. “They have been designed to be able to go out with them, to do things like throw away the trash, go for wood or water the plants,” say the inventors of the project.

They serve from throwing the trash or going for wood until to give a respite to the tired feet of walking in the field with heavy footwear.

Six ways to use Skinners according to their creators.

1. Fitness or yoga, as they guarantee the freedom of a sock but the protection of a shoe.

2. Skating Who wants to carry their shoes on their backs while patrolling the city on two wheels? With Skinners this is no longer a problem. Unlike to these classical skate shoes, they are lightweight, take up little space and can be stored anywhere.

3. Flights or long trips. They offer the comfort of carrying nothing but protect from the cold or dirt of the plane, car or train.

4. Trekking. To give tired feet of heavy boots a breathe.

5. Athletics. Using Skinners for training strengthens your feet before any race.

6. Even in the office. Yes, the heels look great to everyone, but eight hours with them can become hell. Skinner gives your feet a breather while protecting you from dirt on the floor or air conditioning .